Theranova is continuously seeking to recruit the best bio-engineering talent to join our dynamic team. 

We are currently looking for talented individuals for the following positions

Principle Electrical and Embedded Software Engineer – Gravitas Medical

Mechanical Engineer

R&D/Manufacturing Technician

Theranova is immediately seeking a Research & Development Engineer.

EXPERIENCE AND REQUIREMENTS: Masters degree in Engineering, plus two years of experience as a Research & Development Engineer.


Assures business affairs are conducted according to established company policy. Assists in company product development milestone implementation and realization. Works closely with physicians to establish product requirements. Orders components from vendors for product development and manufacturing. Interacts with vendors to secure product and packaging components. Interacts with contract manufacturers to facilitate early production builds. Facilitates product testing functions to assess physical performance of product. Assists in the drafting of manufacturing procedures. Assists in pilot production assembly for improving and streamlining assembly processes. Interacts with potential clinical sites for early product support and monitoring and interaction with clinicians. Implements quality-related functions associated with product development. Provides input for inspection, assembly processes and manufacturing tests based on requirements of the design.

Specific engineering design, manufacturing and testing tasks will be necessary for the following projects:
-catheter balloon assembly sets for sterile applications.
-refrigeration cycle for catheter devices.
-system for spirometry measurement using several sensing modalities. System will be integrated into device for 510k clearance.
-novel infusion set system for insulin delivery in treating type 1 diabetes.
-injection molding setup for silicone and hard plastic parts in laparoscopic surgical graspers.
-minimal risk laparoscopic trocar for creating pneumoperitoneum in laparoscopic surgery (such as a varice needle). Trocar will include
Electrodes and optical pathways.
-electrode wire assemblies for electrostimulation therapies.
-hand dynamometer with streamlined data collection infrastructure.
-communication system for non-invasive ventilation masks. System will include physical enclosure with electronics (reusable) and patches with surface microphone elements (disposable).

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